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The Career Maze - access to books and a variety of career tools from Dr Heather Carpenter, a NZ career specialist. 
New Zealand Apprenticeships - Finding and selecting apprenticeship opportunities in New Zealand.

Escape the City
If you are in a corporate or professional role and are seeking a different lifestyle then go to   Based in London this business facilitates innovative career change programmes and advertises interesting and different job opportunities and great stories each week.

Escape have recently surveyed 1000 professionals in order to diagnose job dissatisfaction.   Download the full report here for insights into job dissatisfaction and key trends at the core of the shift in the way we work.   Also read the link - A Letter to Corporates.   Both are on

Jobs 2030
Wondering about the future? Jobs for 2030. This Canadian site gives us some great insights on careers that are starting to develop or may soon emerge. 

O*Desk Future of Work blog
A great weekly blog to stay in touch with - link
Job Hunters Bible – Dick Bolles
Dick Bolles resource site for students and adults.  Under “For Career-Changers” go to Online Personality & Traits Tests and/or Online Careers Tests.
Sean Gourley and
  • Originally from New Zealand and now based in San Francisco where he splits his time between mathematical research and a venture backed startup  Quid.  
  • He has a PhD in physics from Oxford where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship.    His academic research has taken him from Nanotechnology to Complex Systems and the Mathematics of War.  He is currently CTO of Quid.   
  • His talks are fantastic - link

Rebilder is a peer-to-peer mentorship network that connects skilled locals and enthusiasts with aspiring learners of every discipline. Learners get a hands-on, personal learning experience while mentors can either get a helping hand with their projects or monetise their time spent mentoring

The Work Ready Graduate
Career Dynamic coach their student clients to start their job search preparation on the first day that they start studying.   Mike Grey is a Lead Consultant for Gradconsult managing large scale employability initiatives.    
He contends that higher education graduates  need to focus on becoming work ready prior to graduation. Mike lays out an ideal balance between employees and graduates and offers ideas that can make it happen
80% of Jobs are Not Advertised – Fact or Fiction.     NZ Herald

How to tap into the hidden job market, estimated to be around 80 per cent of jobs available.

In a recent Randstad survey of 7000 New Zealand workers, 20 per cent said they were looking to make a move in the next 12 months.
By becoming focused on their career direction and building up trusted relationships with recruiters and contacts, jobseekers could save everyone including employers wading through hundreds of scattergun approaches a lot of time and effort.
The Importance of Degrees.     NZ Herald

In an uncertain world, how do you advise your children about the best university course for them when you no longer feel certain that traditional jobs will be around in 10 years’ time?
This article discusses the reality that "many jobs will have disappeared in 10 years’ time and people will be doing work that doesn't yet exist."   In light of the changing world several experts provide advice for modern university undergraduates.

20 Intriguing Predictions from Career Thought Leaders
This list covers trends in careers, resumes, job search, hiring, recruiting, and much more  - link
You’ve gotta find what you love - Steve Jobs
- Founder of Apple.  This is his speech to graduates -  pdf

Creative industry resources
A Career Dynamic document that outlines the creative industry and e-marketing document

Herald articles 
Always a great range of topics to peruse in the NZ Herald Employment Archives
  • Building a Billionaire, 1 Dec 13 - link  - A great article about encouraging your children to follow their passion
Dying Professions:   Jobs at Risk
A recent video from Australia discussing predictions around the changing workforce.   Very relevant to young people starting their careers and older workers needing to remain employable.

ASB Business Ambition Series - The All Blacks Perspective
5 informative and inspiring interviews designed to provide business insights from the team behind the team and apply their thinking to your career or business.

Future of Work
Engaging 6 min video which is an excellent resource for anyone under 25 years and their parents - link
CAPABLE NZ (Otago Polytech) – Assessment of Prior Learning Enables those without qualifications to have their knowledge and skills assessed against under and post graduate qualifications.   Excellent for those with workplace experience and no related tertiary qualifications.
Holland's Career Theory RIASEClink
A theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types this Career Key test will help you choose the careers or majors that best fit your personality.

 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
One of the best known descriptions of layered needs portrayed in the shape of a pyramid with the largest, most fundamental levels of needs at the bottom and the need for self-actualization at the top - download

Planned Happenstance
A theory that values chance, luck and serendipity and builds on the five skills of curiosity, persistence, flexibility, optimism and risk taking.
The theory supports the belief that ”If you know what you want in life and declare it to the world then opportunity is more likely to find you  - link
Authentic Happiness Website

University of Pennsylvania, USA, Department of Positive Psychology

  • The Authentic Happiness website, developed by the Positive Psychology Center.   Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman is the Director of the Center, and a Professor of Psychology at Penn.
  • The site provides information about Positive Psychology through readings, videos, research, surveys, opportunities and more.   Click onto Questionnaires to access 20+ well validated and reputable questionnaires.
  • They are free, but you need to register. They provide excellent and instant feedback of results.
NZAPP - NZ Association of Positive Psychology  
  • Their newsletter Positive Press is free on joining the association and they run annual conferences that are open entry.
University of Auckland
Links to free seminars run through the Business School. 

The Confidence Gap
Confidence matters just as much as competence - link.  An Atlantic article on the gap between men and women
Your body language shapes who you are
A great TED talk by Amy Cuddy on how to feel confident when you need to

Defined as Massive Open Online Courses are short course or free distance education options from the best universities worldwide including New Zealand.
MOOCs at the University of Auckland - The University of Auckland

Massey University | MOOC List

Massive Open Online Courses | Education Counts

edX | Free online courses from the world's best universities

Free online courses and classes from the world's best universities including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT and others.

Free Online Courses | Harvard Open Learning Initiative

Harvard Extension School, free and open learning courses

What Most Schools Don’t Teach
Computer programming (coding): Should it be a compulsory second language at schools?  Watch this video and then answer that.

 Theories of Career Development
A thumbnail sketch of each of the major human development and career development theories including theorists such as Maslow, Krumboltz, Erikson, Holland, Super etc - link

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