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Massey University Student Career Hub

Students should be encouraged to start the job search process on the day they start uni and not just when they graduate.   Click the link to a video from Massey University showing how LinkedIn can help students launch their graduate career.

School Connect Or
School Connect provides secondary students with a complete resource for helping them make decisions about what to do after high school.    
Next Step formerly Grad Connection 
Great website to help graduates and current students find grad employment, internships etc.

Creative Intelligence - University of Technology, Sydney
Creative Intelligence and Innovation - a new degree through the University of Technology, Sydney.
Careers in Technology, Engineering and Science features career profiles of NZ engineers, technologists and scientists.  Discover where you can go with your favourite subject – Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Technology. 
CareersNZ Self-Assessment Tools - under “Education and training” and “Interactive Tools” provide a range of tools to assist in self-assessment and decision making.
The Career Maze - access to books and a variety of career tools from Dr Heather Carpenter, a NZ career specialist. 
Victoria University of Wellington Careers Site - One of the best sites for information on where specific subjects or degrees will take you.
What can I do with my subject or degree? - link 
Career paths from the majors of the degrees at Victoria University and detailed profiles of successful graudates
Leaving School Magazine - online - A magazine guide to study and career options for school leavers
No Major Drama - link
An excellent website that helps you learn about majors for Bachelor degrees from across all eight New Zealand universities and rank them based on your skills and interests.
Rebilder is a peer-to-peer mentorship network that connects skilled locals and enthusiasts with aspiring learners of every discipline. Learners get a hands-on, personal learning experience while mentors can either get a helping hand with their projects or monetise their time spent mentoring
My Future - An Australian government site to help you find current career information, job descriptions, articles and links to thousands of resources to assist on the career journey.

Australian Universities - Access Australian university information by city or state or department or course.
Dream Catcher
A New Zealand site which allows students and parents to share their career planning journey while allowing the Career Practitioner to add value to many students in a timely and effective way.
NZ Uni Career Hub - Helps university students find out about job vacancies, graduate programmes and employer events.
New Zealand Apprenticeships - Finding and selecting apprenticeship opportunities in New Zealand.

Just the Job
You may remember a programme last year on TVNZ screening clips of various jobs in action.  Just the Job hosts a variety of resources to research
What can I do with a degree in? - link
This new University of Canterbury link covers a wide range of career options and offers 72 downloadable brochures. 
Graduate Careers Australia - An Australian graduate site that provides a range of graduate-related publications and research.
Target Jobs
The top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate – link
A great resource for finding transferable generic skills for graduates for CV’s plus a great informative website.

Guiding teens to wise decisions
NZ Herald article -link
 Parent's Guide to the Decade After High School
A Canadian document with lots of useful information to help parents - link


Dying Professions:   Jobs at Risk
A recent video from Australia discussing predictions around the changing workforce.   Very relevant to young people starting their careers and older workers needing to remain employable.

ASB Business Ambition Series - The All Blacks Perspective
5 informative and inspiring interviews designed to provide business insights from the team behind the team and apply their thinking to your career or business.  

The New Way to Work
An excellent 16 min TedTalk  which will help you to think about a new way to find work by Charlie Hoehn - link
Getting a first job
Tips from career specialist Jim Bright - video