testimonial from Paul Dunphy

I wish I had met Lee 20 years ago. She has given me the structure and confidence to investigate a new career that will be the right fit for me. Everything that Lee states is backed up with sound experience. The process of finding your next job follows a well thought out process. As I said previously I wish I had done this years ago!

1 month later:

I thought it appropriate to script another testimonial because a lot has happened since I finished my sessions with Lee. By following Lee's process I managed to land interviews for two positions within two weeks. These interviews were for jobs in a sector where I had no previous experience.

With the first interview I missed out but came second place. With the second interview I landed the job. What is interesting is I went to these organisations not looking for a job but was researching the sector in order to understand more.  As Lee said to me 'have faith in the process' and because I did I managed to land an amazing role in a sector that suits me perfectly. To conclude I recommend you meet with Lee and trust in her process and you too will find the career that is best suited to you. Best of luck!

Now it is 2019, I am completing my qualifications in career development and I have joined Career Dynamic as a Career Consultant and building my practice client base!!

Hi Lee, you may not remember me but I had a few sessions with you way back in 2009. My boss  recommended that I see you for consultation.  Back then, I was working as a PA and at the same time pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Business at the Auckland University Business School.

The rest is now history as I successfully transitioned to IT Commercial in  2010. I am now happy and contented in what I do and it seems that I found my niche. Thanks for the enlightening conversations, the engaging activities and homework you have asked me to do. It was all worth it. All the best.  Anna

Suzanne who attended a Career Dynamic workshop
Lee's workshops for career practitioners were exactly what I needed to get me started as a career consultant. I already had the qualifications and the people skills, but knew I needed something to help me with client sessions.

Using Lee's framework, my client sessions flow seamlessly and make sense to both myself and the clients. And I know that I'm using processes and resources that are thoroughly researched and theoretically sound. Thank you Lee for your commitment to supporting other career practitioners!

Mike a 20 year university student
he sessions I had with Lee completely opened my eyes. She showed me
career possibilities I had never thought of. It’s great to find several career options that I feel really passionate about. It’s a real turning point in my life.

Claire 30 years old
Lee was incredible - her ability to use stories to help me make sense of mine was clever and insightful. I am now in a different and exciting path in my career and a significant part of that is because of Lee's support and insight. Thank you Lee!

Father who observed both sessions with Year 12 daughter.
Lee.  "
Much appreciated and I found it a fascinating process to watch. I also want to compliment you on your approach and style. Alice found it very beneficial (you lit her up) and me enlightening. If I get made redundant I know where to come." 

A mum of a Year 13 boy
"I just wanted to pass on the high praise from my son after your session with him yesterday. His first words when we walked out were; 
"That was great, I can't believe that we've been there 90 mins, we talked about school stuff for all the time and I didn't once turn off and I really thought it was excellent. Thank you Mum for booking that - I really enjoyed it".    All high praise from a teenage boy."
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