Career Decision-Making Cardsorts
Please note that our cardsort prices increased on 1st April 2022 for the first time since 2011.
Career Dynamic boxed cardsorts are being used globally by our customers including:
  • career practitioners in private practice & career advisors in schools & tertiary institutes
  • HR managers, recruitment consultants, managers, team leaders
  • counsellors, psychologists, life coaches etc.  & high performance & professional sports teams & athletes
Our cardsorts have been extensively researched, validated and tested with clients and they accurately depict the New Zealand and Australian marketplace reality and language.  They come in Australian and New Zealand versions.      

Career Decision-Making Tools  -  2017 New Zealand Version
A set of 4 cardsorts sed to explore career interests and marketplace options.  Comes with re-printable copies of the Master Sheets & a workbook for recording outcomes, a Career Profile sheet for summarising client choices and comprehensive instructions.                 

Price at 1 April 2022:  $500+ GST + packaging & postage for a set of 4 cardsorts or sold as individuals cardsorts as below
Product  A          Preferred Skills                         103    Cards    $100+ GST
Product  B          Values & Motivators                  80     Cards     $100+ GST
Product  C          Industries                                  211   Cards     $150+ GST
Product  D          Jobs                                           323   Cards     $150+ GST

Transferable Skills Cardsorts -  comes in 3 versions
Generic non-technical, soft skills that include re-printable Master sheets for recording.

Transferable Skills  -  School Leavers & Tertiary Students                 
Product  E                                                              103 Cards          $100+GST  
A cardsort that accurately describes a range of generic skills that are transferable into further study or the workplace.   Clustered into 4 groups; communication, study, self-management & leadership skills.
Transferable Work Skills  - Work for those with job experience     
Product  F                                                                 97  Cards          $100+GST
A cardsort that accurately describes a range of generic non-specialist skills that are transferable from one job to another job or career path.  Clustered into 4 groups; communication, self-management, planning & organising, leadership & management skills.

Transferable Skills - Professional Athletes & Coaches   
Product  G                                                                101 Cards           $100+GST
A cardsort that accurately describes a range of generic skills that are transferable from a professional or high performance sport context into the general marketplace. Clustered into 4 groups; communication & interpersonal, self-management, planning & organising & leadership skills.
For enquiries or to purchase:
Lee Brodie, Career Dynamic, Auckland   + 64 (0)27 218 1294

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