Our clients are:
  • Self referring individuals
  • Organisations who need career development support
  • High performance and professional athletes
  • Career practitioners, HR or recruitment specialists etc
Are you:
  • At a career crossroad and want to review or rethink your career options?
  • Feeling stuck and desperate for change?
  • A parent wanting career support for your school leavers or tertiary graduates?
  • Wanting to make sense of job or workplace issues?
  • Needing a CV, LinkedIn profile, job search or interview coaching?
  • Thinking about work life balance or retirement planning?
Does your organisation need:
  • Outplacement support for a staff member following job redundancy
  • Support for your staff to explore their future career path options?
  • Support for a high performance athlete to explore their Plan B or future career after sport or to transition from sport following injury, deselection or retirement?
  • Supervision for a career professional?
Transformational Career Decision Making Process
Most of our clients come to us to review or rethink their career direction as a pre-requisite to job search or entering study programmes. We have developed a unique and effective career decision methodology that underpins our practical work with these clients, that maximizes creative thinking and expansion of perceived options whilst minimizing the risk of inappropriate decisions. Read more
Our Resources and Tools
The front end of our career decision-making process uses the Career Dynamic set of 4 cardsorts; Career Decision-Making Tools that explores  Industries, Jobs, Preferred Skills and Values of interest.  

They are used in conjunction with a diverse range of instruments, self assessment activities and resources to provide the pieces of the puzzle that create a unique career profile for each client.

Session Length
Each session is between 1 and 1½ hours long and on average we see clients for 2 or 3 sessions.

Fees as of 1 April 2019
Self-referring individuals
$150 + GST per hour or part of.
Employer referrals
$175 + GST per hour or part of.
Call us  or email to request an appointment or for further information.
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